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    NPS Piping Database Product Info

    Operating system -
    DOS 3.x or later,
    Windows 3.x, 95, 98, ME, NT

    Current version -
    DOS version - 2.2
    Windows version - 2.2
    Download -
  • DOS version (116k bytes)
  • Windows version (157k bytes)
  • Docs in MS Word (34k)
  • Docs in ASCII text (15k)

  • Windows Screenshots -

  • Main screen...
  • Typical pipe specifications screen...
  • Calculator screen...

  • NPS

    How big is a six inch pipe? If you guessed six inches, you would be wrong. For many engineers, engineering students, plumbers, and other professionals, this is a tough question, but one which needs an answer (usually immediately or sooner!). Finding the answer used to be a job in itself - searching through the handbook tables only to discover that the material or size of pipe you wanted was not listed in the table. Now there is N P S, the user friendly computerized database of piping information from Herne Data Systems Ltd. Written by a professional engineer, N P S contains data on more than 5700 sizes and types of standard and specialty piping and tubing (from 1/8" to 72" nominal size) in over 35 different materials including metals, plastics and composites.

    N P S (Nominal Pipe Size) gives the user instant access to all important piping parameters: true inside and outside diameters, wall thickness, linear weight, cross sectional and surface areas, moment of inertia, section modulus, radius of gyration and water flow capacity in US, Imperial or metric units. The data have been compiled from a number of international and industrial standards. Program defaults are fully user configurable. N P S is available in a Windows and DOS versions.

    (By the way, the correct answer to the above question is - it depends on the material and classification of the pipe.)

    A must for piping engineers and students, single user registration is only $30 (US), $33 (CDN) plus $2 postage and handling ($4 for addresses other than USA and Canada). Site licenses are also available. Contact us for pricing.

    Single user registrations are also available from:

  • CompuServe Shareware Registry (ID# 434 (DOS) or 435 (Windows)).
  • DigiBuy registration service. (Product number 93640900027)
  • RegSoft secure on-line server (NPS for Windows product ID 4789)
  • Reg.Net NPS for DOS ID #3369.
  • Reg.Net NPS for Windows ID #3370.

  • Read some reviews of NPS.
  • How to register.
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