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Jugg'ler-128 is an easy to use program for the Commodore C-128 personal computer (in CP/M mode) with a 1570, 1571 and/or a 1581 disk drive which provides read, write and formatting support for more than 140 types of CP/M disks. Up to three of these extra disk types can be installed on your system and can be changed at any time. Once installed, you can read and write these disks with no further assistance from Jugg'ler. Support is fully automatic by the CP/M operating system! (In order to use these extra types, you must run Jugg'ler each time you boot up CP/M.) In addition, you can format a new disk in any of the supported types. Jugg'ler is compatible with all current versions of C-128 CP/M and with all current C-128 hardware configurations, including the C-128-D.

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  • Formatting CP/M disks on MS-DOS computers with FreeForm (101k bytes)
      Jugg'ler has been released as FreeWare. It may be freely distributed for personal, non-commercial use provided that it is distributed intact and complete with all original documentation and copyright notices. Since it is no longer supported by Herne Data Systems, it is released without any kind of warranty. If you find it useful, let us know by e-mail.

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